TelltheBell is a simple customer satisfaction survey conducted by Taco Bell to collect customer feedback. The company can utilize the valuable advice of its customers to improve its services. Before you start survey, you have to understand some things. is the official Taco Bell portal (, where customers give their valuable feedback. The company offers the opportunity to participate in the Taco Bell customer survey and earn USD 500 in cash.

If you wish to be one of those lucky winners, read this guide to participate in the TelltheBell survey.

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How to Enter in TellTheBell Survey?

Such actions of popular companies strengthen people’s confidence. Customers usually go with these companies because these companies value such companies value their customers. The food chain not only serves excellent Mexican cuisine but also offers one of the finest services. How can we eat well and earn at the same time?

  • First, visit the Tellthebell Survey link and open the site on your device.
  • You will receive a receipt after the payment receipt. Then enter the 16-digit code in the screen field.
  • Give your overall experience with your visit.
  • Now you have to rate them on different factors like services and food delivery.
  • Customers need to provide details on with different categories, and just make sure it is honest.
  • After submitting a contribution to the various aspects, you will be asked if you wish to participate in the USD 500 sweepstakes.
  • If you want to, they will ask the name and number for participation in the lucky draw.

This is the normal procedure to participate in the lucky draw competition of tellthebell. A decision regarding participation in USD 500 sweepstakes should be made by you.

All you have to do is play a game of chance and gain value when you receive the TellTheBell token. This type of experience is unique for everyone. We will see that people like this kind of experience. If you receive the price, you can spend it on your choice.

TellTheBell Important Instructions

Let’s start with an important note. You should conduct this survey at the official Taco Bell website:

Any other site, or people who assure the same benefits of taking a survey, then think twice before doing so. You should never look for rewards elsewhere.

Here are some things to keep in mind before you start looking.

  • You must be 18 years or more to do the survey.
  • There are 50 access entry periods per month. Therefore, do not enter the other 49 with the same receipt when you enter one. In short: Do not try to enter multiple periods.

Here are some things to do before taking the survey.

  • A valid receipt of your last visit to Taco Bell. Make sure you take the survey within a week of purchase, so that the receipt doesn’t expire.
  • A 16-digit survey code is printed on your receipt.
  • In case you do not have a receipt or survey code, you must add your store number, your name and the date and time of your visit.

However, if you have a valid receipt, you have a valid survey code and that’s for sure then only you can continue with TellTheBell Survey.

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